What does the face of wickedness look like?

In the Yoruba culture, In particular that Lucumi Ifa belief system, We believe That there are a set of distinctive negative energies that afflict humans and feed off of the frailty of the human condition. With the human condition being what it is, Prone to the whims of the ego which is prompted by the need for control and power this usually sets up human beings for the opportunistic negative energy that we refer to as Araye’.

Araye’, Is an entity that manifests itself as the personification of wickedness,and chaos. The senior of all the negative energies,  It is so evil that it is the most feared. Without getting into long drawn out story about this negative energy and how it came about, although that may be interesting for another blog.

I will maintain a very condensed version of the main points. Wickedness, inhumanity as we know it often times starts innocent enough. It can begin with a white lie to avoid having to take responsibility or evade inquiries that one may wish to not broach. Or it could out right be the deliberate action of inflicting pain by secret, underhanded mechanics In order to get one’s way.

Many times, I have heard someone exclaim  “I had good intentions, Or my intentions were good”. And these may or may not have been true; however the fact would still remain that the damage has been done regardless of the good intentions behind it. For this reason when I counsel with people who justify their actions based on their emotions, that are often fueled by the bruising of their ego.

I attempt to bring to the forefront of the circumstances the importance of energy. I found it interesting how often people confuse feelings for energy.
Being a meta-physician has taught me that there is a distinct, big difference in the two.   Although, one can often create another they are not one in the same.

Energy is what is around us, and manifests in all facets of life.   The energy behind an atom or even smaller than that.  Something the scientific field calls quarks, there is no doubt in my mind that there are even more minute equations still that effect our existence in this world.

Keeping this in mind, it stands to reason that there are many mysterious, cosmic, infinite, probabilities that exist that we have barely touched the surface of understanding of. For this reason, and this reason only, I believe there is always a cause,or a basic foundation/root, for situations and circumstances that surface in human beings lives.  And those root causes are for the most part self-created.

Now,I realize that by saying that most of our ailments are self-created, I am opening myself to lively debate; which I gladly encourage and embrace, because I am a firm believer that only through critical thinking and exploring of different thoughts, perceptions, views, and overall breaking down of barriers we truly discover solid truths, unshakable truths, and not just live on blind faith.

So when I say that most of us self creates, I am not blaming victims, nor being in cognizant of the fact that others also contribute to creation, which is why I don’t believe that someone who has endured an illness, abuse, or crime committed against them is to be blamed for the creation of that particular circumstance. However I will pose this question, how many times after having done in depth research on a case or circumstance do we not often find that the individual that has suffered any of the above-mentioned circumstances has had some role in the manifestation of what took place.

That is not to say that the person deserved what happened nor is it to be confused with stating that the individual deliberately created the situation, but it is confirming that without the individual being a part of the circumstance it could not have manifested.

I don’t expect many to understand this line of thinking; but I do urge those who are interested in comprehending how energy works to explore this area of manifestation and reasoning behind creative forces.

And, so within the same vein I will return to the face of wickedness.

Where for example a good friend (A) commits a trespass against another friend (B).   (A) then realizes their mistake and apologizes, is remorseful and goes out of their way to  “Make things right”.  However friend (B) although acknowledging the apology can’t seem to get past the slight, hurt, or trespass.  Now instead of there being a clear acknowledgment of the energy that was created, by the betrayal, all the energy goes into “Making things right”.

However no energy is placed into finding out what created the need for friend (A) to commit the trespass to begin with.  Now friend (B) starts to feel resentful, or even obligated to accept an apology when they still can’t make sense of what created the need for the offense in the first place. Now all things start to head downhill from here, because now the game is “ON” to get friend (A) To understand how it feels to be hurt and betrayed.

These actions may start innocent enough; for instance standing a friend up, not calling when having promised to do so, or just plain being dismissive of the relationship.  This is a great breeding ground for wickedness to step in.  And because it is such an insidious energy it can mask itself in many forms of manipulative games, from codependency, to false flattery, to out right emotional blackmail and extortion.

All of these and more are the many faces Of wickedness. No one is immune to this energy it is, nefarious, methodical and usually carries its own justification for implementation.

For those humans that are not ready to work on themselves by raising their vibration, this energy is even more attracted, for it knows that it has found a host gullible and ignorant enough to engage in its works.

I for one have experienced this energy/entity up close and personal and have been on both sides of this fence.  Usually from the side of having good intentions but getting real nice and pissed off when someone has chosen to continue to be underhanded, at which point I should have taken the high road, but I chose to engage in the chaos, and in getting even.   Which didn’t quite work out; for although I may have had a short-lived victory.   The satisfaction of the works did not last. I usually felt terrible after having reigned my terror, and wrath upon my so-called enemy.

I only talk about subjects that I am familiar with intimately and in which I have had my own trials and tribulations to expound upon.   Because  I feel that most people, tend to like to talk about subjects in which they’ve never experienced, I always counsel they should not speak of that which they do not know first hand or have had the opportunity to overcome the challenge of.

I am grateful for these past experiences and the ones, As well as the ones I’ve yet to experience. Because, I know that they’ve helped me to grow, push my spirit to other levels of understanding, and make me an overall better person/human being.

And although, I am well aware of the mechanics of wickedness.   I can honestly say I am not immune to its evil machinations. No one is!

So stay alert, promote self discovery, acknowledge your flaws and work on them; for only in this way will we be able to recognize the many faces of wickedness.
Stay blessed.

Iya   Brenda


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