When you feel like you’re a “Top Dog”….but you’re life shows no evidence of it.

Often times I hear/see someone who speaks with a lot of bravado, seems to have confidence and talks a lot about their dream, hopes, goals and ambition. I like knowing these people exist in the world. The dreamers, visionaries,and future leaders. What I have noticed though is that; although often times we actually hit pay dirt with these individuals and they turn out to be everything they are talking about. They lack manifestation of it. Sometimes it turns out to be just plain illusion,and wishful thinking. Sometimes that pipe dreaming individual is us. We feel like a winner,we are thinking optimistically and even making some strides, however that does not necessarily translate to being “Top dog”.

Being a leader is so much more than “thinking” positive, getting others to follow your lead or having plans of grandeur and notability. Being a leader is a “Knowing” that your chosen destiny can only be fulfilled by you; hence waiting, expecting, or wishing someone comes along with the right opportunity to offer you, give you that promotion so you can move into that management position, or approve your bank loan application for your start-up business,maybe a big mistake.

Why a mistake?…. Answer: Because you have just handed all control to an outside source,and outside sources can,and often times do fail us. When this happens and we don’t obtain our desired outcome the disappointment of the let down can cloud our judgement,make us obsessive, create doubts, and deflate our confidence. Or worse still it can encourage us to become so determined to make “the plan” or goal happen that we become stubborn or develop tunnel vision that can prevent us from seeing what could be improved upon in our plan, or strategy for our individual success.

I call this “The hindering of our innate intelligent intuition”. Our intelligent intuition is by far the best weapon we can use to propel us towards our individual goals. This built in guidance system is free of logic, over thinking or emotion. It is our fail safe. It never fails to guide us in the direction of our highest good. Period.

Intelligent Intuition is the most under-used ability that is inherent,and at our disposal. We are all equip with it, however most opt not to use it. That is often times the cause of so much misery for many. The “knowing” that somewhere inside of you; You knew that something was either going to be a good thing or not be a good thing for you to do, and you failed to make the decision,and take appropriate action. This feeling for lack of a better word sucks. This is often the result of intelligent intuition override.

Intelligent Intuition is what will either make you a top dog, or not. Top dogs, stop, assess with their senses, make moves or don’t based on intelligent intuition cues. They wait for the timing in their guidance system to say when to act. And they NEVER allow for another, outside of themselves to have say or control over the outcome of their individual inner peace, joy or happiness. They don’t hand over that type of power to anyone for any reason. *** Remember only YOU can live in your head***

The power always remains within the guidance system. When you practice this intelligent intuition daily, you will discover the guidance system works. It will provide you the security of The Knowing. Not thinking, but the actual knowing that, if you listen to this source you will accomplish your personal individual goal while maintaining inner peace and harmony intended for your highest good. Even through the challenges or obstacles that may present themselves during the process.

This is not only liberating but empowering to know. Thinking positive is great, I am all for optimism but the knowing is much,much better.

It has the ability to demonstrate, and manifest outwardly. It is the evidence in the physical world, that you are on your chosen path. The master of your destiny and the controller of your own thoughts,feelings and outcomes. By not doubting your intelligent intuition, true happiness is accomplished in knowing you will reach your desire by remaining in your zone.

Knowledge is wonderful. Wisdom is divine, the combination of both of these is accessible through intelligent intuition. Now go use it and become a “Top Dog”


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