The end of the year is near.

The end of the year is near and what have you accomplished thus far?  Is it a new job, a promotion, did you purchased a new house, a career change, a new relationship status, or just plain ole, gave up chocolate?   Whatever your change was, I hope it was a step forward in your life.  It is interesting that most of the things that occur in our lives that often grant us the grace of growth are seldom pleasant, many times they are really difficult rites of passage; or present many challenges to overcome. Which is why, I just taught myself how to embrace all the good and the not so good experiences’s that have made their way into my reality.  When my health was compromised and I became disabled, I literally thought it was  the end of my world, and in a way it was; as I knew it to be at the time.

I was no longer able to do the things I enjoyed doing, like running, dancing, bike riding, hiking, and playing basketball.  I love competitive sports, and was always pretty active.   Now with limited mobility it all seemed like a distant memory.  Someone else’s life that resembled mine only not as restricted.   I had to reach peace with this new reality.  I had to negotiate my new way of living.  I had to make it on my terms and not what this circumstance was offering.

The greatest gift I gave myself was forgiveness.  I forgave my body for betraying me, and I thanked my mind for remaining sharp; although from time to time I thought it was failing me in the moments of darkness.   I realized that I did not have to have major life changes or break-troughs to feel accomplished.  All I needed was the power of NOW…here this moment.  I love that I no longer feel the need to have major events of accomplishments to find significant goodness in life.

I often tell people, that my disability is my gift.  It has given me perspective on life and has made it possible for me to never miss out on a single day of joy.  I am sure some may say
” Hey I dont need to become disabled to experience that”…And I would say right’O. You don’t.  You can have that by being in the present of what you have or don’t have, and being appreciative of both equally.

For me I can admit I was not very happy when I had limited money, could not pay bills, was in a toxic relationship or was miserable at my job.  I was a straight up complainer,even if I just did it in my own head and never told a soul.  Which was often,and contributed to another set of emotional problems, of just not trusting people or life in general.

That is why I see my current situation as a gift, because I see everything equally.  On good days I am in my zone, And on more challenging days, I force laughter (humor helps a lot)  And I say “I am OKay!.  It will be alright, this too shall pass, and Hakuna Matata. Why do I do this?  Because worrying about it will not make it better.

I hope this may give a little perspective to your own life,and what you have managed to achieve this year or not. Who knows you may not even look at your situation with the same eyes.  Perhaps like me you may see the challenge as your saving grace too.  An opportunity to embrace joy in whatever form it presents itself to you.   Simply living life fully today.



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